Invitation for World Congress, November, 2020


I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else" ~ Pablo Picasso


Invitation for the 2020 World Congress to be held in the USA, November  will in our August eNewsletter, 2019.


The World Congress will have leading International Keynote Speakers, highly interactive workshops, themed sections, such as "IT and Government", "Health and Technology" and "Law and Technology" with unique networking groups, as well as teleworkshops; to ensure world class engagement of experts.

Magic of "sharing wisdom" with technology, and on a personal "one to one" basis.

  • Chairman, Professor Eugene Clark approved  the Call for Papers, on April 30, 2018 and is provided on this website under Publications.
  • World Congress website will be online during September, 2019
  • All other activities, including the eNewsletters will be on this website.

2020 WORLD CONGRESS in USA, is announced April,2018

World Congress of eLeadership will be held November in the USA in 2020, exact details outlined after August 30th, on this website during 2019.

# Calling of Papers will open April 30th 2019, and end during February 2020.


see Publication Page and  eNewsletters from August, 2019

1012014 International Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisers for the International Association for eLeadership from 2014 to 2019.

Leading with Technology, A Global view of eLeadership from 2015

Your Association's key pillars are still the same, based around “leading with technology” and our philosophy based in part by Alison Fine’s work and the recent (2015) EU Review from INSEAD


"Complex social problems today outstrip the capacity of any single organization or individual to solve them.” ~ Alison Fine,

Co - author of The Networked Nonprofit.

Raison D’Etre

“…a new type of leadership —e-leadership—is becoming essential

to organisational innovation and competitiveness.” 2012-13 EU Report

Definition:We accepted during 2009(in Prague) is Professor Avolio’s definition below

“ eLeadership is defined as a social influence process mediated by AIT to produce a change in attitudes, feelings, thinking, behavior, and/or performance with individuals, groups, and/or organizations.

eLeadership can occur at any hierarchical level in an organization and can involve one-to-one and one-to-many interactions within and across large units and organizations. It may be associated with one individual or shared by several individuals as its locus changes over time.” (Avolio et al, 2000, p. 617)~AIT(Advanced Information and Technology)

Refer also,

British Journal of Educational Technology, Volume 44, 2013 article

“eLeadership in Higher Education: The “fifth” age of educational technology research.”

EU 2015

“Pillar 2: Towards a Grand Coalition on e-leadership skills bringing all stakeholders together.” From EU’s Vision Report

Prepared by  and others for

2015 Outcome of EU’s, 2012-13 work on eLeadership



Approved Logo 2018-19 International Conferences and 2020 World Congress

This Logo is approved for the 2019 World Congress; the existing 2 Blue colours will continue for all other activities, including the proposed March 2019 International Conference in Australia .